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Cant manage a budgit ? Run for congress!

Wow! Really!! What do you get when you cross socialism and politicians????????


It is way past time to throw all of the elected officials in all state and local governments out of office. Vote them all out!!!! The American dollar is about to be downgraded right off the international currency market. Does anyone have a clue what that means ???? America becomes a third world country thats what. No joke, reality.

Americans have managed to elect into power a socialist agenda that is destroying our once great country. Soon gasoline prices will be so high that only the rich will be able to drive a car. Bread Lines, gasoline vouchers, the dollar…worthless.

What have our elected educated idiots done ? Nothing but spend, barrow and lend borrowed money. The country is broke and government still will not stop spending. Obama care has robbed Billions from medicare and few even realize. The postal service funds are stollen by politicians every year and no one cares. Gas taxes no longer repair roads or bridges. Lottery money never did go to schools and now some elected educated idiots want to raise more taxes. More taxes to give away and waste on a failed socialist agenda.

Mark this writers words if WE THE VOTING AMERICAN Citizen do not act immediately this country is doomed.


The Constitution and Taxes

The Constitution and Taxes.